Rise Again! Story of Cape Breton Book 1
Rise Again! Story of Cape Breton Book 1

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The first full-scale history of Cape Breton Island in nearly 150 years!
RISE AGAIN! Is the story of Cape Breton Island told by beloved historian, archivist, and teacher Robert Morgan. From the geological roots to Mi'kmaw life before discovery, the planting of French Louisbourg, and the island's first economic boom, this is a rich and accessible new book.
Morgan takes us from the battle for control of the island and Britain's deliberate schemes to withhold opportunities for significant growth, through the opening of Cape Breton to provide a new home for the Loyalists, the forced marriage of the Colony of Cape Breton to the Colony of Nova Scotia and with it the birth of the never-ending Separatist movement. Book One takes the reader through the 19th century and sees Cape Breton as a new home for the Acadians, the Irish, and the Scottish, preparing the ground for the second economic boom as world markets were found for Cape Breton's coal and then steel. A marvelous book, built to last.

Published Aug 2008