A Short History of Fredericton
A Short History of Fredericton

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Sitting along the scenic St. John River and tucked into the surrounding wilderness, Fredericton bristles with history as New Brunswick's capital. With Maliseet, French, and British origins, this colonial garrison town quickly became the political center for the area as it grew with the efforts of Loyalist settlers and others in the 1780s. In an engaging narrative style, author Dan Soucoup traces Fredericton's development through the contributions of leading citizens and the significant events that saw commercial growth and the first Canadian literary movement.

Through the social and political tensions of the 1960s and 70s up to the present, A Short History of Fredericton records the entire history of the city in a highly accessible manner. This book is ideal for tourists seeking a concise historical overview of Fredericton, as well as for citizens wanting to know how their city came to be. Includes 30 black and white photos.

Published Sep 2015