Miracles & Mysteries: The Halifax Explosion - December 6, 1917
Miracles & Mysteries: The Halifax Explosion - December 6, 1917

Type: books
Vendor: Nimbus


Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing (April 15 2011)
Language: English

Mary Ann MonnonÌ_å«s father was one of the lucky survivors of the Halifax Explosion, the great World War One disaster that devastated Halifax and killed over two thou- sand people. His personal story, along with the stories of other survivors, are woven into this captivating account of the events leading up to and following the explosion. Monnon begins the story in the days just prior to the explosion, providing news items, ads, and public notices that give readers fresh insight into life in the city at that time. MonnonÌ_å«s interviewees provide their candid recollections of where they were and what their initial response was to the disaster. What emerge are unusually personal stories of confusion, injury, loss, and the eventual resurgence of hope. Miracles and Mysteries is a reminder of the tragedy of war, and how ordinary people respond to overwhelming and inexplicable events. In this book, memories that lay dormant for years were told and recorded, some for the first time. This new edition includes archival photographs from the original along with a fresh design.

About the Author
Mary Ann Monnon was born in Cape Breton. Having grown up with the folklore of the Halifax Explosion, she spent years researching it before writing this book.