Lighthouses & Lights of Nova Scotia
Lighthouses & Lights of Nova Scotia

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The move by the federal government in 1968 to automate and de-staff Nova Scotia's lighthouses - those icons of the province's seafaring tradition - sent shockwaves through the community of lighthouse conservationists. Concerned that lighthouses would disappear form the landscape forever, author Rip Irwin, a retired naval chief petty officer, undertook to visit and photograph each of the structures still in existence. This book is the result of 17 years of exhaustive research on the evolution of each light.

In addition to photographs and detailed information on each of the province's lightstations, Lighthouses and Lights of Nova Scotia contains stories and anecdotes about specific lights and lighthouse keepers. It also contains an alphabetical listing of all 164 lighthouses and lights, and is cross-referenced with the Coast Guard numbering system.

Lighthouses and Lights of Nova Scotia is the complete guide to the province's most recognized nautical icons.

Updated edition Apr 2011