Grand-Pre: Heart of Acadia
Grand-Pre: Heart of Acadia

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In time for the Acadian World Congress of 2004, this well-illustrated work takes a fresh look at the history of the Acadian village of Grand-Pr?_ from the 1680s to 1755. It places Grand-Pr?_ in the context of the wider history of Acadia. The authors achieve two main goals: they present Grand-Pr?_ as a thriving Acadian settlement before 1755, and they offer an in-depth interpretation of the tragic story of the Deportation that took place in 1755. Finally, the authors also explore the development of the best known of all Acadian historic sites, Grand-Pr?_ National Historic Site of Canada, a place that touches the heart of all Acadians. Available in French as Grand-Pr?_: Coeur de l'Acadie Translated by Sylvan Filion