Dive in Nova Scotia DVD
Dive in Nova Scotia DVD



Produced 2004, by Sea Monkey Productions Inc.

"Dive in Nova Scotia" is a interactive DVD based map that extols the virtues of diving in Nova Scotia.
Using world-class underwater videography we have created an exciting interface allowing the DVD viewer to navigate through the various dive sites of Nova Scotia and access never-before-seen underwater footage of our incredible Atlantic treasures. We have combined this with a multitude of menus that share years of accumulated knowledge of dive site conditions, local history.
Nova Scotia has barely broken the surface of the potential adventure tourism market. Scuba diving is a sport that appeals to an affluent, educated, energetic crowd who spend even more time enjoying adventures on land than below the water. There are many scuba divers worldwide, a large percentage of which specialize in cold water diving. With its abundant coastline, numerous shipwrecks, and diverse marine life, it is time for Nova Scotia to start bragging about these resources and to be recognized as a premier diving destination.
Divers and non-divers alike will enjoy our DVD, which will be packed with mesmerizing underwater footage. We feel it will appeal to anyone who has ever looked out over the water and wondered what lies beneath.