Discover NS Sportfishing
Discover NS Sportfishing

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In this inspirational and informative book, Don MacLean guides anglers to where they will find the best of Nova Scotia's sportfishing opportunities in any season of the year. The book will appeal to both residents and tourists as it outlines the sportfish species that are found in the province, how to fish them and where to find them through the seasons. Separate chapters for spring, summer, fall and winter provide in-depth information on which streams and lakes offer anglers the best chance of success. Because Nova Scotia has thousands of kilometers of coastline, MacLean also reveals the variety of angling opportunities that are available to saltwater anglers. But this is more. There are tales of Nova Scotia's glorious fishing past including celebrated ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌÕfly tyersÌ_å« and guides such as Joe Aucoin, John Cosseboom and Duncan MacKenzie. Also tales of the rich and famous who have also fished our waters: Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway and Babe Ruth to name a few. MacLean offers tips on tackle and technique for fishing in lake, river and sea. And as a fisheries biologist MacLean also provides detailed information on the ecology, and life history of the major fish species of the province.