The Times World Map
The Times World Map

Type: maps
Vendor: The Times


This folded political world map has been fully revised and updated to include the latest changes. Local name forms are used for some cities with the English or historical alternative shown in brackets e.g. Mumbai (Bombay) where space permits. This makes the map suited to the general reader who needs an up-to-date map to follow reports of world events. It is perfect for the home and office.

  • All recent political changes carried out to mapping
    Changes to international dateline
  • Area of coverage: All of the world, centered on the Greenwich Meridian, and including maps of the North and South Pole regions
  • Scale 1:30 000 000; 1 cm to 300 km; 1 inch to 474 miles.
    Size of the map unfolded 40” x 25” / 101 cm x 64 cm

Updated edition Apr 2019