The Night Sky Month by Month
The Night Sky Month by Month

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Learn how to observe and navigate the night sky with this guide to stargazing for beginners!  The dazzling reference book shines bright with crystal-clear charts of the planets, stars and constellations in both the northern and southern hemispheres for each month of the year! It’s perfect for anyone interested in stargazing and astronomy.

   • Illustrated overviews that introduce each month with a guide to the main attractions, like bright stars, prominent constellations and meteor showers.
   • An introduction explains what the universe is, our place within it, how it appears to us in the night sky and how our view of it changes with time and place.
   • Each illustrated overview features a planet locator, showing the position of the planets during the month introduced.
   • Charts that show the positions of all stars visible to the naked eye in even the darkest skies.

Updated edition Sep 2021