The Sailing Bible
The Sailing Bible

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The Sailing Bible is for all sailors, whatever their level of experience It provides novice sailors with all that they need to take to the water and helps experienced sailors improve their skills and deepen their knowledge Instruction ranges from learning the anatomy of a boat to handling emergencies An extraordinary amount of sound advice and expert tips will help all sailors to build their skills and knowledge, and help to ensure safety and increase enjoyment on the water

  • Dinghies and yachts
  • Cruising and racing
  • Launching, helming, trapezing and capsizing
  • Racing techniques and tactics
  • Buoys, tides, charts and navigation
  • Anchoring and marina berthing
  • Knots, ropes and flags
  • Boat etiquette and seamanship
  • Safety and emergencies and much more

Hundreds of color photographs, explanatory drawings and navigation charts illustrate and further explain the important content Call-out boxes and sidebars highlight information for easy reference and serve as reminders to the sailor

Updated edition Sep 2019