Zurich Canvas 12" Blue Political Desk Globe
Zurich Canvas 12" Blue Political Desk Globe

Type: Globes
Vendor: Replogle


NEW! Zurich Canvas 12” Blue Ocean World Globe is both unique and beautiful. This decorative world globe features a sturdy die-cast pewter colored square base that has ornate trimming at the top and bottom of the base. The numbered pewter colored die-cast semi-meridian is the perfect match to the base and complement to the 12” canvas blue ocean raised relief globe ball. The look and feel of the canvas globe ball makes this globe unique from any other globe on the market. Also, the up to date accuracy makes for the perfect combination of form and functionality. Using old world techniques to manufacture, the Zurich globe incorporates a textured, durable canvas material. This beautiful globe is both a decorative and purposeful globe for the home and office