The Best of The Great Trail: Volume 2
The Best of The Great Trail: Volume 2

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Volume 2: British Columbia to Northern Ontario on the Trans Canada Trail.  What is the longest, most exciting hiking and cycling trail in the world? It can only be The Great Trail. Spanning the entirety of Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans, this improbable route covers 24,000 kilometres.

Beginning in downtown Victoria, Haynes sets off for the forests and coasts of Vancouver Island before heading east into British Columbia's mountainous interior, the foothills of Alberta, the plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the rugged terrain of northern Ontario. Along the way, he explores the imposing Rocky Mountains, the grasslands of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the unforgiving shoreline of Lake Superior, and the urban centers of Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. Illustrated in full colour with detailed maps and sumptuous photographs, The Best of The Great Trail, Volume 2 is a "must have" for both experienced outdoors people and armchair travellers who want to explore the wonders of this phenomenal trail.

Updated edition Jun 2019