The Big Earth Book 1e
The Big Earth Book 1e

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Planet Earth. Four elements. One incredible story. Lonely Planet Kids' The Big Earth Book takes children on a roller-coaster ride through history, geography, science and more to show how four elements - earth, fire, air and water - created the world and everything that exists today in . Amazing facts, photography, and illustrations bring our planet and its past to life in an exciting, engaging way.

EarthHow the Earth was formed • The structure of the Earth • Plate tectonics and rocks • Earthquakes and volcanoes • Humans in the stone age • Hunter-gatherers and farming • Fossils and digging for treasure • DNA: the code of life

Fire:• Ingredients for fire • Fire and humans • The history of fire • The dangers of wildfire • The Great Fire of London • Gunpowder and fireworks • The combustion engine • Carbon and global warming

Air:• What's air made of? • The Northern Lights • How animals learned to fly • Dinosaurs in the air • Birds and bats • The history of flight • Speech and language • Music and instruments • Weather and climate

Water:• The origins of water • Rivers and oceans • The water cycle • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon • Canals, bridges and dams • Exploring the seas • The age of exploration • Tsunamis and waterfalls

1st edition Nov 2017