Shipwrecks & Sailors of Prince Edward Island
Shipwrecks & Sailors of Prince Edward Island

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It has been estimated that between fifteen to twenty thousand ships have meet their end along Canada's eastern seaboard. Many of these wrecks happened between the 1800s to the mid-1900s when the season of bark, brig, brigantine and schooner came and went. This era left behind literally a vast volume - both recorded in print and preserved in local tales - of heroism and tragedy of mariners young and old. Prince Edward Island's legacy of tales from the era of all-sail is great: from the wreck of the immigrant-laden Elizabeth at Cascumpec where the castaways were saved by a native; to the unique tale of PEI's Jessy thrown onto St. Paul's Island; to the strange tale of Rival caught in the “Yankee Gale” and the SS Quebec's demise in the death-dealing tides of East Point, Shipwrecks and Sailors of Prince Edward Island will fascinate and educate. 

Published Sep 2012