Oak Island Illustrated
Oak Island Illustrated

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The 225-year Search for Truth and Treasure:  More than two centuries ago, compelling evidence of buried treasure was found on Nova Scotia's Oak Island. Since then, extensive engineering works have been discovered and mysterious objects unearthed in and around the island's "Money Pit." The ongoing search has been featured on a long-running popular television series, but to this day, the island guards its secrets.

In this book, historian John Bell presents all the competing theories ― about who buried treasure on the island and how the complex structures in the Money Pit that have kept treasure hunters at bay were created.  Bell also provides a detailed illustration of the mysterious work that was done on the island prior to the discovery of the Money Pit in 1795. The illustration shows each element of the Pit's design as it was first built ― including elaborate flood tunnels, a cave-in shaft, and more.

Published Sep 2021