Nova Scotia Topographic Maps for GPS
Nova Scotia Topographic Maps for GPS

Vendor: TrakMaps



  • Complete coverage of Nova Scotia at 1:10,000
  • 3D digital elevation model
  • Topographic data including mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, forest zones
  • Buildings, pylons, electric lines, bridges, dams, railroads, other reference points and landmarks
  • Routable road network
  • 54,000+ km of routable forestry roads
  • 620+ km of trails
  • Cellular towers
  • Moose and Deer Management Zones
  • Nature Conservancy Canada lands
  • Wildlife reserves
  • National, provincial, municipal parks
  • Detailed shorelines of all lakes and rivers, rock locations
  • Launch ramps and marinas
  • Campsites and picnic areas
  • 3,000+ POIs including gas stations, lodging, restaurants and ATMs