L'Nu'k: The People: Mi'kmaw History, Culture and Heritage
L'Nu'k: The People: Mi'kmaw History, Culture and Heritage

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The Mi'kmaq lived in Canada long before the country even got its name. Before Europeans arrived, they lived in homes called wigwams and hunted and fished throughout the Maritime provinces, living off and giving back to the land. They enjoyed storytelling, drumming, and dancing within their tight knit communities.

In L'nuk: the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada, First Nations educator Theresa Meuse traces the incredible lineage of today's Mi'kmaq people, sharing the fascinating details behind their customs, traditions, and history. Discover the proper way to make Luski (Mi'kmaw bread), the technique required for intricate quill work and canoe ­building, what happens at a powwow, and how North America earned its Aboriginal name, Turtle Island.

Includes informative sidebars, highlighted glossary terms, recommended reading, a historic timeline, index, and over 60 full­ colour historical and contemporary images.

Published Dec 2016