The Flag Book

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In The Flag Book, Lonely Planet Kids introduces you to the flags of every country in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and tells you what their design, colors, and images represent, along with lots of other incredible facts. We'll show you fascinating ways flags are used throughout the world. Learn the International Code of Flag Symbols to communicate with ships at sea; read about flags used in sports, like Formula 1's checkered flag; marvel at flags commemorating world records and incredible human achievements; and peer with a microscope at the planet's smallest flag, which is no wider than a human hair.
Chapters include:
• What are flags for?
• Speaking in flag
• Flag designs
• Coats of arms
• Pirate flags
• Ships and airplane flags
• The world's oldest flags
• Semaphore flags
• Flag record breakers
• Flag tales
• Sports flags
• International flags

1st edition Oct  2019