Ecuador Borch Travel Map
Ecuador Borch Travel Map

Type: maps
Vendor: ITM


Folded laminated road map * Scale 1:1,000,000 * Road network ranging from expressways to country lanes * Legend includes paths, sights, museums, monuments, churches, chapels, ancient sites, caves, beaches, shipwrecks, snorkeling/scuba diving sites, mines, golf courses, bus stations, gas stations, checkpoints, international airports, airfields, mountain passes, lodges, national parks, nature reserves, hotels, markets * Includes inset maps of Galapagos Islands (1:1,300,000), Greater Quito (1:100,000), Quito (1:20,000), Guayaquil (1:18,000), Cuenca (1:17,000), Ingapirca (1:8,000) * Climate charts show the average daily temperatures, humidity, hours of sunshine and precipitation for each month.

Updated edition 2018