Gulf Cruising & the UAE ITM Travel Map 1e
Gulf Cruising & the UAE ITM Travel Map 1e

Type: maps
Vendor: ITM


The Gulf, in this case, is the Persian Gulf, or if you prefer, the Arabian Gulf or, if you wish to, the Iranian Gulf. Side 1 concentrates on the water area from Kuwait/Iraq/Iran south to Bahrain and Qatar, along the coastline of the UAE to Oman and the Straits of Hormus, and along the coast of Oman to Muscat. It also includes inset maps of Manama (Bahrain), and Doha (Qatar), for the convenience of users. The second side of the map shows all of the United Arab Emirates and most of Oman, with insets of central Dubai and Muscat. Each side includes a listing of the top attractions of the side being shown.                  Scale 1:500,000 / 1:900,000

Updated edition Jan 2022