DK Pocket Birds of North America Eastern Region
DK Pocket Birds of North America Eastern Region

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Whether you are a budding bird-watcher hoping to find species in woodland or someone curious about the feathered visitors in your own backyard, find out everything there is to know about your favorite feathered friends, with this pocket-sized guide to many of the birds found in North America’s Eastern Region.

- Detailed bird profiles include information on behavior, habits, and flight patterns to ensure accurate identification.
- Covers 370 species commonly seen in the Eastern region of North America.
- Full-color photographs show the adult bird in typical plumage, with male/female, juvenile, and seasonal variations included as appropriate.
- Detailed illustrations show typical plumage and posture in flight.
- Maps accurately locate where the bird can be seen in summer, in winter, all year round, and on migration.
- Includes free access to audio recordings of bird songs and calls to aid identification.

Updated edition Apr 2023