101 Things For Kids To Do Outside
101 Things For Kids To Do Outside

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Vendor: Firefly


101 Things For Kids To Do Outside is ideal for parents, teachers, and all those working with youth. This book is ideal for the children who like gaming, TV, movies, the soft couch, and even too many snacks. The kids who believe "there's nothing to do outside" can learn and be encouraged to experience the joy of outdoor play.

Each activity is described in language easy for a 6- to 9-year-old and illustrated with engaging graphics. Younger children may need direction, at least the first time. Large pictures display all the fun to be had. The activities range from 10 minutes to hours and hours of fun. Some require creativity, make-believe or physical exertion but they are all outside. Perfect for rainy days, sunshiny days, even snowy days.

Weave a bird's nest * Set up a potion lab * Make nature rubbings * Build a crawl tunnel * Hold a mini Olympics * Build a human sundial * Make a nature walk bracelet * Capture animal tracks * Fly a homemade kite * Make a rain gauge * Make a snow maze.

Published 2016