Canada MapArt Map
Canada MapArt Map

Type: maps
Vendor: MapArt


Includes a national map of Canada at a scale of 1:6,000,000, and regional maps of areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at 1:1,875,000, Ontario at 1:1,000,000, Québec at 1:1,250,000 and the Atlantic Provinces at 1:900,000. Plus a Canadian Cities Distance Chart.  Features on the national map of Canada include Trans-Canada highway, Yellowhead Route, divided highways, toll highways, main highways, main highways gravel, secondary highways, secondary highways gravel, other roads, gravel/seasonal roads, U.S. interstates, international boundaries, provincial/territorial boundaries, state boundaries, time zones, populations, over 250 000, capitals, ferry, ice limits, national parks, provincial parks, wildlife reserves, National Defence and highest provincial points.

Updated edition 2024