Safari Planning Map to East and Southern Africa
Safari Planning Map to East and Southern Africa

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Okavango Delta to Victoria Falls, Serengeti to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Best Time to Go / Wildlife Charts.

The only safari-planning map to Africa on the market, this essential travel tool includes key elements for planning a successful safari. A work of art in itself, this large-scale color map includes all of the top safari countries and important wildlife reserves in East and Southern Africa, the best times to go for wildlife viewing, info on what wildlife is best round where, temperature and rainfall charts, enlargements of the key regions visited by most travelers, a map of the Great Serengeti Migration and enlargements of other popular reserves, and the location of the best safari camps and lodges. Emphasizing wildlife areas over road systems, which are irrelevant to most safari-goers this map is by the author of Africa's Top Wildlife Countries and the African Safari Journal and Field Guide.

Updated edition May 2014