Theodore Too and the Shipwreck School
Theodore Too and the Shipwreck School

Type: books
Vendor: Nimbus


When Theodore Too and Lucy Tug decide it´s a perfect day for an adventure, they go to visit the Shipwreck School, a school of fish who live by an old sunken ship! But when they arrive, there´s no sign of the fish until Theodore Too and Lucy look down and see the fish caught in a stray net. Oh no! Luckily, tugboats are best at tugging, and the two boats pull the net apart and save their new friends. Hooray for Theodore Too and Lucy, and hooray for the Shipwreck School! Every year, thousands of children fall in love with Theodore Too. With his cheery red hat and big smile, he welcomes visitors from all over the world. Theodore Too´s Adventures is a picture book series that will allow children and those who love them to take home a colourful souvenir, distinct to Halifax, while encouraging literacy with entertaining tales of Halifax Harbour´s friendliest tugboat. This is the second book in the series that features Theodore Too, the youngest tugboat in Halifax Harbour, full of questions and eager for adventure. With his friends Lucy Tug, McKay Bridge, Dartmouth Ferry, Guy Seagull, George Lighthouse and Fisherman Murphy, Theodore Tug explores the harbour, discovers a shipwreck and saves his friends.

illustrates a series of greeting cards depicting Nova Scotian scenes.