Original Kilburg GEOCHRON World clock
Original Kilburg GEOCHRON World clock

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The Geochron displays the following: Legal Zone Time, Greenwich mean time,
Greenwich apparent time, local apparent time, local mean time, moment of
sunrise, moment of sunset, duration of daylight, sun's meridian passage,
sun's equation of time, degrees latitude, degrees longitude, the geographic
extent of the prevailing day and date. The Geochron indicates where the sun
is shining at any given moment. How? Via the illuminated pattern on the
world map. The left edge of this pattern marks the moment of sunrise, while
the right marks sunset. This sunrise and sunset pattern changes continually,
as the seasons progress throughout the year. The Geochron World Clock
actually moves as you watch! Ever-changing areas of day and night make a
complete cycle every 24 hours and gradually changes shape with the seasons.
All in vivid color. Its a handsomely striking addition to any office,
reception area, or lobby, boardroom or home. The Geochron World Clock looks
like a framed Map of the World.