Oceans: A Visual Guide

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The world's oceans contain habitats that are as different from one another as a rain forest is from a desert. Oceanography is little more than a century old, and scientists now explore the sea in specialized submersibles and scan its features from space.

Oceans: A Visual Guide explores the mysteries of these fascinating worlds beneath the waves. From the coastline to the deepest trench, oceans host an astonishing variety of marine life. Some life forms are rare, some bizarre, some of breathtaking beauty. Each has adapted to the extreme conditions of ocean life in unique and fascinating ways.

This book features hundreds of color illustrations and photographs that reveal the wonders of our oceans. Chapters include:

  • The Blue Planet -- over 70 percent of Earth is covered by oceans that are largely unexplored
  • Exploring the Ocean -- from ancient times to the age of satellites
  • Ocean Life -- the circle of life from plankton to whales
  • Into the Deep -- the origins of life in a world of darkness
  • The Fringes -- marine life where the oceans meet the land
  • The Human Impact -- the wealth of the oceans and how to protect them.

Published Aug 2008