Guide to Oceans. Firefly Books
Guide to Oceans. Firefly Books

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Stacey L. Knight-Davis, E-Streams 02/2005
Colorful, informative and comprehensive... A great deal of information has been packed into this small book.

Book Description
A richly illustrated guide to the world's oceans and seas.
Guide to the Oceans is a handy reference that provides comprehensive information about every aspect of the world's oceans and seas. The book features vibrant color photographs, maps, artwork and well organized data.

This book includes seven sections: - The beginnings, evolution and current characteristics of the world's oceans - Famous oceanic quests from the earliest voyages to contemporary scientific oceanography - Recreational activities such as yachting, scuba diving, surfing and fishing - A comprehensive study of the ocean's interconnected diversity of flora and fauna from plankton to whales - Worldwide distribution and management of oil and gas, fish and mineral resources - Shapes of the ocean basins, their patterns of circulation and unique characteristics - Catalogue and identification of the main families of ocean organisms in a comprehensive ready reference to ocean flora and fauna.

Guide to the Oceans is an ideal reference for anyone with an interest in the sea.

Product Details

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd (July 31, 2004)
Language: English