Firefly Planisphere: Latitude 42 Degrees North
Firefly Planisphere: Latitude 42 Degrees North

Type: maps
Vendor: Firefly


The Firefly Planisphere is a valuable tool for beginner and advanced stargazers. This new sixth edition updates the maps to 2030.

Charted by the month, day, hour and minute, the Firefly Planisphere is easy to use, battery-free and weather-resistant. The stargazer needs only to turn the wheel to align the current date and time. What the see-through panel reveals will match the view of the night sky.

The planisphere shows the position of the stars for every night of the year. Icons describe star magnitudes -- the larger the symbol, the brighter the star -- making it easy to locate specific stars. Stargazers will be able to identify planets, stars, constellations, globular clusters, nebulas, galaxies and other celestial wonders.

Updated edition Nov 2018