Children's World Atlas
Children's World Atlas

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Grade 6-8-While information is presented in a visually striking way, this atlas has some shortfalls in its text. The book is arranged by continent, with spreads focusing on specific areas such as "Western Canada and Alaska," and "The Caribbean." Some individual countries are also highlighted, but none for Africa. The plentiful maps form the centerpiece of the spreads. They show some topography while emphasizing man-made elements with limited coverage of physical features. They are surrounded by visual vignettes with clear but mostly small photos and brief descriptions of a city, crop, product, holiday, sport, animal, natural resource, or a cultural attribute. While these chunks of facts may appeal to some readers, others may find them distracting. Inaccuracies are evident in a few places. Students will want to use a complementary source such as Lands and Peoples (Grolier, 2003) with this atlas.

Revised edition May 24 2011