The Great Wall Through Time
The Great Wall Through Time

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The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s most intriguing, well-known treasures. Spanning 2,700 years and over 13,000 miles long, embark on the fascinating tale of how the Great Wall was built and how it became one of the greatest man-made projects of all time.  This thrilling children’s book about this fascinating structure will leave you with newfound knowledge and appreciation for this amazing world wonder. It includes:

   • Exquisitely detailed panoramic artworks that show how the Great Wall of China has changed from one era to the next — from the first defensive forts created in 656 BCE to the 13,000 mile-long monument still standing today
   • Cutaway views that reveal the interior of forts and buildings
   • Every illustration is surrounded by pull-out details for children to look at, drawing them into the picture and making the book fun and interactive
   • Lively, engaging narrative text and simple annotations that guide children on a journey through time

Published Apr 2022