Earth Lab: World Atlas - A Hands-On Learning Experience
Earth Lab: World Atlas - A Hands-On Learning Experience

Type: Kids


Earth Lab: World Atlas is an exciting and interactive title that gets kids started on their own explorations of our incredible planet.
Earth Lab: World Atlas takes children around the globe to discover our planet's rich diversity of cultures, wildlife, and natural beauty. Detailed maps of every continent highlight key landmarks and geographical features, and informative text provides fascinating details about the countries, animals, and famous places found in each region. When young explorers have finished learning about the wonders of our world, they can decorate their rooms with the included models of three famous landmarks, an inflatable globe, and a world map poster with stickers.

* 56-page book full of facts about all the countries of the world
* 3 models of the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and a Mayan pyramid
* 10-inch inflatable globe
* 18 x 13-inch poster
* 60 reusable stickers