Young Explorer's World Wall Map 55"x 39"
Young Explorer's World Wall Map 55"x 39"

Type: Kids
Vendor: ArtGlob


Beautifully drawn Young Explorer's World Wall Map from ArtGlob, size 140 x 100 cm (55" x 39.5" approx), printed on waterproof and tear-resistant synthetic paper, presenting countries in different colours and with various locations annotated by lovely drawings of famous buildings or monuments, fauna or flora, etc.

All place names are in their English version and each county is shown with its capital city. Main mountain ranges, peaks, rivers, lakes and deserts are named. On oceans different shades of blue indicate the depth of the ocean floor. The map is illustrated with numerous lovely drawings of famous building and monuments, fauna and flora, and other features providing related cultural, historical or nature information: Santa Claus in Lapland and a Massai warrior in east Africa, the space shuttle in Florida and Stonehenge, tango in Buenos Aires and Cossack dancers in Russia, etc. Across the oceans the map shows routes of the main voyages of discovery. Many drawings are cross-referenced by numbers to lists of explanations arranged by continent.