DK Birds of Eastern Canada 1e
DK Birds of Eastern Canada 1e

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Ideal for Canadian birdwatchers and bird lovers of every age! Each of  these regional field guides are filled with page after page of  magnificent close-up photographs and helpful full-page profiles of  hundreds of commonly seen species.

With an East / West division  made at the 100th meridian (approximately Winnipeg) these handy books  offer scientifically accurate and readable accounts of notable  characteristics and information everything from behavior and habitat to  nest construction and conservation status. Each profile also features  diagrams of flight patterns and statistics of size, wingspan and  lifespan.

 These invaluable reference guides are both detailed  and accessible, with a user-friendly format that will make it easy for  birders to enjoy either studying one species account at a time or  browsing to make cross comparisons.

+ Features over 350 full-colour photographs
+ Each page includes a notes section for recording bird-watching activities
+ Both titles include rare birds

Published Mar 2013