Canadian Hiker's & Backpacker's Handbook
Canadian Hiker's & Backpacker's Handbook

Type: books
Vendor: Whitecap


Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Whitecap Books (April 17 2008)
Language: English

Backcountry hiking in Canada -- comfortably and safely.

The Canadian Hiker's and Backpacker's Handbook explains every aspect of taking a hiking or backpacking trip in the Canadian backcountry. From choosing the best footwear to plotting the best route to preparing for emergencies, Ben Gadd provides expert guidance for enjoying Canada's stunning scenery while being responsibly prepared. The book has valuable information on:

* What to wear in all landscapes
* What to bring from home to the trail
* Getting fit, no matter where you live
* Techniques for comfortable walking
* Safety guidelines at all levels
* First aid and accident response
* Special tips for hiking and backpacking with kids and dogs.

Once trekkers are prepared for the trails, Gadd provides vital information for the conditions that might be encountered. There is also a unique cross-section of trails coast to coast, from Newfoundland to British Columbia and the northern Yukon.

About the Author

Ben Gadd has been an independent nature guide in Jasper National Park for 20 years. He is also the author of seven books about the Canadian Rocky Mountains, including the award-winning Handbook of the Canadian Rockies.

Brian Patton, who has lived in the Canadian Rockies for over 40 years, is the co-author of the best-selling Canadian Rockies Trail Guide.

Lonnie Springer is a photographer and illustrator who has photographed both the Canadian Rockies and the American Southwest.