Canada's Atlantic Seashore
Canada's Atlantic Seashore

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Formac Pocketguide to Canada's Atlantic Seashore: This full-colour book is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the Atlantic seashore. From seashells and bugs to birds, plants and seaweed it provides key information on a wide variety of animals, plants and insects.

Author and artist Jeff Domm's full-colour illustrations are accompanied by concise information about size, colour, feeding habits and other significant features that help readers to quickly identify a species. In addition to birds, insects, shells and seaweed, the list of species includes crabs, jellyfish, turtles, sponges and many more. The book covers a variety of seashore habitats, including rocky shores, marshes and sandy beaches. This book will appeal to nature lovers of all ages who enjoy exploring the coastline in Canada's eastern provinces.

Published Apr 2012