Best of Canada. Illustrated Book
Best of Canada. Illustrated Book

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Best of Canada is, as the name implies, a book about this country that will showcase some of her most popular destinations and attractions.

Author Jeff Hutcheson is a familiar face to millions of Canadians in his role as the Sports/Weather/Adventure guy on CTV's morning show, Canada AM. But it is his work - many say his passion - for travelling across the country in search of interesting people and places that has earned him the nickname 'Mr. Canada'.

Jeff has a few special places of his own that he would love to take you to. But his idea of a tour would involve a journey from Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America, to Long Beach on the west coast of far off Vancouver Island. Since the distance between these two points - as the crow flies - is over 7,000 kilometres, it is a little tough for him to arrange for all of you to join him, even in the giant RV he occasionally hits the road in. So the next best thing is this book.

Within these pages Jeff will take you to many of his favourite locations right across this vast country. The sort of places family and friends will proudly show off when out-of-town company comes knocking. And his words will describe what he likes about each of them and what awaits you there when you visit. Accompanying the text you will find over 300 breathtaking colour photographs by principal photographer John McQuarrie, and 28 of Canada's best landscape shooters.

That Jeff is infused with a love for this country will quickly become evident as you journey through his book. Along the way you will also come to realize how big and beautiful this magnificent land is and how much it has to offer. Just as his enthusiasm and willingness to try-anything-once are evident in his television work on Canada AM and his Jeff's Adventures on the CTV Travel channel, we are confident you will also find him a superb guide as you journey through the pages of Best Of Canada in his company.