North America, 1850, Tallis
North America, 1850, Tallis

Type: maps
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North America
Mapmaker / Publisher: Tallis, John
Date: 1850
Size: 11" x 15.5"

This is an uncommon issue of a decorative steel engraved map that features Texas shown with an enlarged panhandle that extends into New Mexico and Colorado. The boundary between Canada and the United States reflects British claims in the Oregon Territory with a line fixing the boundary south of the Columbia River. Mexico still in control of California and the Southwest. The map is filled with forts, and locates many Indian tribes. Alaska is Russian America. Several lovely vignettes appear around the continent, including Wapiti Deer, Beavers, North American Indians, Ancient Monument, Mexico, and Convoy of Diamonds. Across the top are images of Russian Cossacks (representing the Russian Possessions in Alaska), an Eskimo dog sled, and Mount Hekla, Iceland. The map was drawn and engraved by John Rapkin.

Certificate of Authenticity is provided.