Children's Map of Solar System 54" x 39"
Children's Map of Solar System 54" x 39"

Type: Kids
Vendor: DINO


Exclusively designed for little people with an interest in outer space. For every young astronomers and astronauts eager to learn about the world beyond planet Earth presented in a child friendly manner.  This concise, informative representation of the Solar System depicts planets, moons, meteors, comets and many other exciting objects. All the relevant information about our universe is presented and terminology is clearly explained such as – sizes of the planets, the origin of the eclipse, what light years are, influence of the sun, 75 of the most famous spacecrafts and satellites. One special feature is the full history of the Solar System in a comic strip. This map is packed with information presented through a series of comic vibrant illustrations and a mix of fiction, general knowledge trivia and non-fiction information making it appealing to young learners.