Ranger CL HV Silva Compass
Ranger CL HV Silva Compass

Vendor: Silva


Long the choice of outdoor pros, the Ranger is reliably accurate in any conditions. This updated version has a fluorescent dial, high contrast markings and luminous points to make low-light navigation easier. The split mirror lets you take super-accurate sights, the declination adjustment prevents true vs. magnetic mix-ups, and a clinometer helps you suss out dubious slopes.

  • 2 degree dial graduations.
  • Easy to use bezel and grip.
  • Clip-down cover.
  • Lanyard has an adjustable slider and declination-adjusting screwdriver.
  • 1:24,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000 scales.
  • 1/20-inch and millimetre rulers.
  • Map magnifier brings out squinty details.
  • Silicone feet prevent slipping on maps.